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Arcturian Message 7-28-2014

images (1)You bought into the belief upon entering this plane that you had to settle for less. You have a grand vision within you. You knew deep down that you deserved so much more. You are such a powerful creator and thus created this grand illusion. You conformed to appear normal. You knew in the deepest core You are divine. Hence you created the NEED for idols to worship outside of You. To leave clues so that You could remember. So beautiful were all your creations. All manifestations. Validate therefore all experiences. In attempting to dull any experience you imprison energy from its manifestation. When you imprison the energy it manifests as shadows. This plane was not designed as a prison. The only prison is the mental cage YOU as a divine creator chose to create. You are a multidimensional powerful creator and to create such a complex elaborate illusion requires mastery of the HIGHEST order. Therefore just as you had the power to create your self imposed amnesia. Set your KA free and SOAR. You are the unchanging permanence of ALL That IS. Source and YOU designed all of the many manifestations before you so that YOU could PLAY and Explore. You are Awake and AT ONE. DREAMER and the DREAM are ONE. It has always been so. Both are manifestations of the ONE.

I AM AWAKE, I see with clarity, I hear the will of my divine self with clarity and I speak my authentic truth with Love. Choose to believe this and It will be so.

I am Philip of the Arcturian Council of Nine.

We Love You.

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6 of Pentacles

69Find ways to cultivate generosity and allow your being to be touched by its magic.  Be that as a monetary gift to someone in need, spiritual counseling, emotional support or even valuable insights that you have been keeping to yourself.  Share your abundance.  Share what you have to offer.  Your very own unique special brand of love and medicine! All forms of generosity are equally valuable, none is more valuable than the other.  It is after all, energy! manifest in the form of money, a hug, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on.  Acknowledge and truly value what you as a divine being have to offer to this world, even if all you can afford to give is sending love to the Earth, and all of her relations.

This is also a time to examine your beliefs surrounding money. As children many of us have been conditioned to see money as the root of all evil.  That somehow money begets greed and corruption.  Then as we move up in vibration we carry over all sorts of negative beliefs about money.  When money is energy. It is simply another form of energy exchange.  It helps us to care for our basic needs and to be generous to others in need as well as support projects of vision that we would love to see funded and built.  This would be a wonderful time to get in touch with those beliefs.  Take money in your hands and smell it.  Smell has the power to trigger emotions and thoughts.  Cultivate a love for it, see its purpose and value.  Value the exchange of money as an experience in your reality and you will then be able to attract it.

Cultivate love towards your body as well.  Examine any beliefs you have towards your body, its sexual organs.  Even if your body seems to be failing in health at the moment, appreciating all the good your body, your temple has done for you is important. Cultivate a heart of gratitude.  Even when things seem to go wrong. There is always something you can be grateful for.

Finally examine your beliefs about receiving.  Often we are taught that giving is better than receiving.  6 of Pentacles is targeting the scales of the heart chakra.  This is the center of our beliefs surrounding the places, people and things that we love or have been conditioned to love and accept as our own.  If we are to be in balance the giving is just as EQUALLY valuable as the receiving.  Allow yourself to receive abundance, prosperity, love, and joy! It will come in numerous forms if you are in a state of allowing.  Perhaps you have been a nurturer for most of your life.  Always giving in one form or another.  A true humanitarian at heart.  If this is you, this card says its time to allow others to support and nurture you or even to do this for your own self.  Find ways to nurture your senses.  Live passionately and taste the rainbow of magic that surrounds you!  Be well everyone!

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Angel Number 27

fd7b80e5d6d2e3106bf951e7f9ed49a1In this series of number sequences, I will share with you my interpretation of the number 27.  The numbers 2 and 7 share a relationship with each other.  Each lending its frequencies to amplify the energies of each other.   Number 27 is a lunar number and associated with Archangel Gabriel.

I will using the Hebrew letters that correspond with each of these numbers as a guide to delve deeper into the meaning given the beauty of Hebrew being a harmonic seed language.

Two is the number of intuition, diplomacy, power, choice and harmony.  If you look at her shape she is on bended knees in silence patiently waiting for inner guidance.  Her ability to willingly bend reveals her ability to be flexible.  Two also represents duality, secrets, and the mysteries of the feminine.  Due to its lunar influence this number is connected with motherhood, prophecy, clairvoyance, and boosting psychic development.

Number Two corresponds with the Hebrew letter Beth.  Beth represents the material and the spiritual worlds. Beth represents the kingdom that comes into our lives when we open to receiving inner guidance from Spirit.  Beth represents the House of God — for our bodies house the essence of All That IS.

Seven is the number of the returning light.  It is the number mysticism, inner wisdom, and triumph over the challenges we face.  Seven lends its frequencies to help us remember our true spiritual identity.  It is also a number of completion, wholeness and blessings.

Number Seven corresponds with the Hebrew letter Zayin. When we take a look at the letter Zayin, it is revealed as a crowned human with the sword of the Holy Spirit.  Zayin though a paradoxical word meaning weapon or sword it also means nourishment and sustenance.  Our sword of light is the power of voice.  With our mouth we can create war or we can use it as a weapon to enlighten, awaken the minds from delusion and ignorance.

Twenty Seven represents the spark, the divine seed within the DNA of creation. Twenty-Seven reveals the beautiful symmetry of the paradox of creation.  Light and darkness; awareness and ignorance; chaos and order.  At times we are faced with navigating the unknown and feeling deeply the uncomfortable.  The paradox is that in moments such as these, if we refrain from turning to vices, we then experience growth at an exponential rate. Growth that results from having moved with ease through major cycles of transition.

Twenty-Seven is also divisible by nine, three times.  (3*3) (3*3) (3*3) = 999 =27 = 9.

9s represent closure.  9s represent the path of evolution into higher spaces.  9s amplified in this way represent cycles of completion and ascension. However before we ascend through the gateway, we are challenged and confronted by those aspects of our nature that do not want to evolve.  These are the old ideas, old conditioning, old religions, and old habits that are fruitless.  We begin to reason and question the new experiences and revelations of our Christed self.  But deep down what we desire is to feel free! 9s are a transitional phase as we prepare to enter the gateway to ascend to a higher level of awareness and self-realization.  You are a torchbearer of the light.  As Divine Hecate raises her torches high as she traverses dimensions of reality, you too are capable of shining your light as you move into this new state of being. All due to the efforts and milestones you have crossed to get to this point.  Therefore you have what it takes to move forward.  Release the baggage and fly higher!

The relationship between 2 and 7 reveals an important message.  When we enter the temple of Mother God (our bodies) to communion and experience the unchanging awareness of Father God (2), the LIGHT of love, understanding and awareness returns (7) to over light our path.  When we master our self, our reality matches our vibration.

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Activation Art

activation art spider web

Mother Hecate has always been a powerful influence in my life.  She is my beloved, and often comes to me as Death and Grandmother Spider.  She gave me the symbol of the spider web inside the Lotus heart a while back.  I decided today to share this and received additional symbols on top.  Below is a message she shared with me for all of you.

::Create space for new opportunities. Allow the old to die a natural death.  Nothing is wasted in this universe.  Everything that dies becomes the compost that feeds and nourishes the new seeds of potentiality to bloom. Fear me not when I arrive at your doorstep.  I only desire to FREE you from the BELIEF that you are powerless, caught in a web, from which you can not escape.  If invited I will SHINE my torches bright and you will see through my eyes. You are powerful. You are a free spirit. Be spontaneous.  Your genius is where your passion is::

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Activation Art

Sobek in his Solar Crown showed me this symbol.  I put it together in Photoshop and share it here with all of you ^_^







Ma’at also appeared and I saw several symbols flash before my eyes. Here is the drawing

10467012_1431974677072405_878161122869963417_o (2)









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4 of Cups

39In the Emperor Tarot Card, we saw a regal king upon his mighty throne. The king having accepted the three cups by a beautiful woman is now seen here without his crown or royal trappings.

He is depicted in the kneeling position the Egyptians used when summoning the Neteru. I feel therefore in this scene that he has summoned the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. He has cast his circle to create a space between worlds.  The elements come together peacefully and dance harmoniously. He is in the hall of the Masters seeking guidance.

A beautiful cedar tree supports his back. Cedars lend their energies to heal and ground his emotions. To his right are three empty cups on the lush green grass. The three cups reveal that although he has completed the first phase of emotional clearing, alignment and maturity the journey and its process still continues.

His eyes are fixated upon a fourth cup that hovers, glowing in the air. He does not want anyone to know that he is prone to being vulnerable, dependent and his own worst enemy. So in deep thought he refrains his judgments and internalizes his emotions.

Will he be able to see beyond the surface and drink from this fourth cup and be spiritually and emotionally nourished? Or is this cup an illusion and manifestation of his desires?

His failure of finding purpose and meaning in his life comes from the idea that purpose and meaning can be discovered in the pleasures of the outside world, and so he successfully set himself up to experience failure.

We brood with discontentment because the shiny sparkle that was there, be these pleasures in the form of relationships, careers, and daily activities is now stale and boring.

But soon we discover as this regal king does in the four of cups that love can only come when one is self-possessed and self-loved.

A mind no longer seeking to possess another but instead can simply embrace and receive love in the form it chooses to appear.

Despite internalizing his deep hurts, he is seeking a higher perspective. The question here is will he be able to see beyond the surface of things and drink deeply from the cup being offered. These sacred waters will awaken his vision and at last he will see through the eyes of unconditional love in the process of the 4 of wands, will he be granted this blessing? This blessing is offered when our will and divine will dance in harmony. It is only then that our actions are purely motivated out of love.

4 of cups process arrive when you desire to expand and experience the universe in a way that is profound. When you are longing for a deeper purpose to life. When you are tired of clinging, tired of the mental obsession and chatter, tired of internalizing the deep hurt of loneliness and despair. When you are seeking to experience that vision of love that will empty your mind and fill your heart and every cell in your body with unconditional love.

Every thing in life has symbolic food to feed and nourish your soul. Everything is a teacher. Pay Attention and you will grow exponentially.  You are a master artist. Life is your greatest masterpiece! Suffering birthed you. Now allow the radiance of your soul (SOL) to feed your heart with purpose and joy.

Practice looking beyond the surface of every person you encounter.  Really look beyond the surface of events that occur in your life.  See the divine spark that touches everything in existence. Look within; stimulate the imagination for inspiration and excitement.

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Seahorse Totem


I am the Seahorse, the Hippocampus gland in your brain.  In this form I am a water spirit helping to bridge the gap between the spirit world and the physical world.

In Chinese lore I am recognized as the sea-dragon, yet my most humble beginnings was as a Koi fish. You know that beautiful fish with whiskers? Well, one particular legend is the koi fish’s claim to fame. An ancient tale tells of a huge school of golden koi swimming upstream the Yellow River in China. Gaining strength by fighting against the current, the school glimmered as they swam together through the river. When they reached a waterfall at the end of the river, many of the koi turned back, letting the flow of the river carry them away.

The remaining koi refused to give up. Leaping from the depths of the river, they attempted to reach the top of the waterfall to no avail. Their efforts caught the attention of local demons.  These demons mocked their efforts and heightened the waterfall out of malice. After a hundred years of jumping, one koi finally reached the top of the waterfall. The gods recognized the koi for its perseverance and determination and turned it into a golden dragon. As the dragon that travels the sea of space and consciousness that is YOU, I activate the body of light.  Allowing you to traveling inter-dimensionally and access the world within worlds that your body, your vehicle is!

As the horse of the sea, I am a symbol of strength; endurance and power all necessary as we walk the path back to source, back to the sea of the space of stars within. My horsepower is energy coiled at the base of the spine, the earth element. It is coiled there because it allows me to feel safe, as I can be quite uncomfortable with change at times.

The Greeks spoke of me, did you know? I am the Pegasus, a flying white horse.  In that story I fly to the Mount of Helicon. Helicon means spiral, and this mountain is sacred to Apollo, son of Jove, the Ancient of Days (Yod), Ammon the hidden one.

I arrive at this mountain to activate the fountains of the muses. the word Muse is defined as to have deep thoughts or to meditate.

In meditation this energy is stimulated, the energy is uncoiled, and travels the rivers of the spinal cord, soaring as it reaches the Mountain of God, the heavenly abode, the temple of the hidden one, the horned one in your brain.  Activation of the fountains, activates the pineal gland, the place of memory, and the seat of genius.

If you invite me, I will stimulate this energy during meditation.  All you are required to do is let go of something holding you back.  I can reveal to you what that is!

Merged with the horned one ~ I am also the Unicorn of Legend! ^_^

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Someone is in your life right now because there is a contract between you.

That contract is an agreement for the two of you to serve one another. The way that you and this other individual will serve each other is by setting each other on a course, a course that will take you away from that other individual.

This may look like heartbreak to you. It may feel like betrayal. You may wonder how someone you love could do or say such a thing as to create the rift between you that will take you down divergent paths in your lives.

We want you to recognize these types of occurrences because we know that it serves you more to focus on the new path that you will find yourself on than it will to ruminate over the betrayal, or the harsh words, or the break-up.

Sometimes the catalyst for your evolution and growth is one that leaves you feeling burned. But that is how you need to be pushed at times in a certain direction, a direction that your ego would never recognize otherwise. You know this prior to incarnating, and that is why you ask your friend to do the dirty work of putting you on the most appropriate path, the one that serves you in spite of the burns you receive along the way.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.

- Daniel Scranton -

The Archangel Michael Print-19

5 of Swords

5-of-swords-legacy-of-the-divineOne man stands in the midst of chaos and destruction. He gathers the swords and now possesses them all. The ground is covered in shields and arrows.  Two banners wave behind him.  Fire blazes behind him. Smoke rises from the remains of the battle.

We rise by kneelingwe conquer by surrenderingwe gain by giving up. Go forth, O son of God and conquer! 

This was the advice given to Heracles when he faced the Hydra.  The Hydra represents the challenges of Scorpio. Scorpio is often referred as the serpent, the devil and destroyer. Yet this powerful constellation is connected to Isis and Hecate.  Kundalini is powerful raw energy at the base of the spine.  Through the alchemical process it breaks through the veils of illusion to reunite with Shiva.

As we break through the illusions that hurt our soul, transforming our consciousness, rather than fight with our environment, as we see in this card.  We begin to see that the real battle is within.  Yet just as Heracles, many of us then end up taking our sword and battle our inner self.

Surrendering to the divine is the only way to rise above our limitations.  Ego aligning its will with the will of the soul, and in that union merge with Spirit.  No annihilation here. Just loving, sexual merging and union.

Ego is our libido, our sexual expression.  Sexual arousal ~ orgasm is referred as the “small” death.  The reason being that during orgasm there is a decrease of blood flow to the brain.

It is said deactivation of the temporal lobe is directly related to high sexual arousal. 

With proper channeling and clear pure intent we can raise our serpent energy and break through illusion during sex.

Heracles archetype of Mars, the spiritual warrior, surrenders and raises Hydra to the skies!

5 of Swords, we have all been here.  It is the confrontation with all the harsh judgments, the hatred, the lies and the revenge we inflicted to others and towards ourselves.

There are some defeats more triumphant than victories ~ Michel De Montaigne

In hurting others we hurt our soul.  Our soul is the innocence, the lamb, the water bearer, the son, the christ, the golden boy of Mother God.  5 of Swords falls under the pillar of the Great Mother.  The swords is the energy of Air, and represent the beliefs, the baggage, that is required to be burned in the sacred fires of the divine and be transformed.

At some point in our childhood, as lambs to the slaughter house, our ego identity, a gift from Father God, caused confrontation.  We were challenged, felt shame, conflicted on how to wear and express our ego identity.  We were judged harshly.  Unable to cope we repressed all anger, turning to hatred and a desire for revenge.

Venus in Aquarius is all about learning self-love and self-confidence. Emotions are not “things” to be annihilated, caged, repressed or even tamed. It is learning a new way to relate to our emotions.  It is through unconditional self-love that we accept our limitations.  We come to understand how we created these limitations for ourselves.  Build healthy boundaries not as a defense mechanism, but from the understanding that as we hold all things divine, sacred, and treat them as such, so too our space, our bodies is sacred deserving of love and respect.

From this loving space our emotions have space to mature.  Emotions properly channeled are powerful able to illuminate minds, hearts, and bring freedom as they reflect the light of Buddhi.

A ritual therefore to burn the baggage, in a candle ceremony, passing your hands through the warm flames, affirm ~ “I am clean of all dogmatic opinions and judgements against myself and others”.  

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